Monday, 30 May 2011

Asterisk-Based Channel Program Shows Promise for astTECS India

Asterisk-Based Channel Program Shows Promise for astTECS India:
A channel program and partners a framework to ensure double-digit margins astTECS was announced by India. IP telephony, open source PBX provider focuses on ensuring EPABX traditional distributors to market their products. The company's products are based on the flexibility of Asterisk (News - Alert).

IT local channels were an early focus of astTECS India, according to the report CRN. Now the seller wants to work with traditional retailers EPABX, launching a series of seminars to educate them about the opportunities offered by IP telephony and power of Asterisk platform.

Devasia Kurian, MD, astTECS India, told RCN that the traditional piece of EPABX dealers face a tough direct competition with service providers (SP) that are binding or lease of an EPABX free of charge, to any company commits to a minimum monthly billing or use. The boxes are rented for free and plain vanilla EPABX. The supplier is also trying to offer partners an alternative at an attractive price point to help increase sales of its customer base.

The use of standard x86 hardware, astTECS is the manufacture of PBX to deliver a feature-rich, IP telephony solution based on Asterisk. According to Kurian, the commodity hardware and open source help suppliers to build devices that take place, as well as an established supplier.

In addition to support Asterisk PBX (News - Alert) device that offers astTECS include support for the ACD, VoIP, voicemail, IVR, conference and video calls. Given the growing demand for all these characteristics as well as the popularity of Asterisk in the global market, the product is likely to be well received.

Kurian also noted that in a period of time, IP telephony is more profitable than regular telephony. And with a platform like Asterisk, comp can set several different rules in the PBX system so they can make an immediate reduction in your bill of up to 40 percent, depending on the plan to which they subscribe.

This strategy is developed astTECS, the provider is set to attract approximately 100 partners around the country and plans to start offering free training in sales and basic support. Kurian said that the price points offered by the seller shall ensure that the partners get older double-digit margins, and earn extra services. Asterisk as demand continues to grow, this potential is likely to be obtained.
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