Thursday, 2 June 2011

Skype Kills Integration With Open Source VOip PBX Asterisk

Skype Kills Integration With Open Source VOip PBX Asterisk:
Skype has decided not to renew an agreement allowing open source Asterisk telephony system is integrated with software developed using Digium service.
The decision is a change in strategy, the company instead of closing the door to third-party integration after the acquisition of Microsoft, according to a Gartner analyst.

Skype for Asterisk is based on proprietary software that allows open source telephony system to join native Skype client, according to Digium has released a product announcement detailing the change. Digium Asterisk development promotes and sells commercial products based on it.

Skype's decision not to renew the agreement with Digium is a sign that the future is "open" to the outside community more through Skype Connect, rather than following a specific support proprietary solutions for individual sellers, Steve Blood, VP research and program director for Gartner, said via e-mail.

Connect allows Skype to be integrated with a PBX based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) products, including Avaya, Cisco Systems and 3CX. There are also gateways - of, for example, AudioCodes and Grandstream - allowing Skype to be integrated with PBXs that are not SIP enabled.

Skype is making a business decision to focus on greater market opportunities, according to the blood. While Digium is one of the few providers of unified communications technology that is increasing its market share, probably not enough business value in the relationship with the company Skype said.

At the same time, he is sure it has nothing to do with the pending acquisition of Microsoft.

Asterisk experts Olle E. Johansson, CEO of the Swedish consultancy Edvina, agrees: "It may be tempting to come up with elaborate conspiracy theories, but I think the announcement came very close to the deal with Microsoft so that may have had an effect," he said.

Arno Jolink, CEO of Dutch IsraPunt communications technology provider, believes that the agreement with Microsoft affected the decision to Skype. However, it will not affect the business of IsraPunt, Jolink said via email. The company has added ways to connect to Skype on your IP VoIP telephony system BusinessManager using AudioCodes products, FreeSwitch and some other programs, according to Jolink.

Skype for Asterisk sales and activations will cease on July 26, according to Digium. Skype has given assurances that continue to support and maintain software for a period of two years thereafter, Digium, said.
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